Understanding Nanomedicine:  An Introductory Textbook
By Rob Burgess, PhD
Copyright 2011. Pan Stanford Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 3 Review Question Answers

Following are selected answers to the review questions at the end of Chapter 3 in Understanding Nanomedicine:  An Introductory Textbook by Rob Burgess.

1.  Chitosan - Natural, Collagen - Natural, Gelatin - Natural, Hyaluronic Acid - Natural, Silk Fibroin - Natural


4.  The primary structure of fibroin consists of repetitive units of the following amino acid sequence:





7.  PLA/Blood vessel tissue engineering; PCL/Neural and cartilage tissue engineering; PLGA-PEG/Matrix for DNA delivery



10.  (1) Dissolution of the polymer material; (2)Liquid-liquid phase separation; (3) Polymer gelatinization (gelation); (4) Solvent extraction from the gel utilizing water; (5) Freezing and freeze-drying under sealed vacuum