Understanding Nanomedicine:  An Introductory Textbook
By Rob Burgess, PhD
Nanomedicine Videos

The following videos directly relate to the content, materials and nanomedical research covered and described in Understanding Nanomedicine:  An Introductory Textbook.

What is nanomedicine?

Tiny Fragments of Salmonella Bacteria Used to Treat Cancer

Artificial Joint Material Using Carbon Nanotubes

Blood Brothers: Particles Form Strong Bonds in Blood Vessels

Nanotechnology and Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

CNN Interview of Rice University's Naomi Halas Regarding Nanoshells and Their Potential Impact on Medicine

Nanomagnets Target Treatment to Injured Arteries

Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology

DNA Transistor to Read DNA Molecules

Treating Brain Tumors using Nanomedicine Techniques

Using Carbon Nanotubes to Grow New Bone

Self-assembly of a DNA-carbon nanotube hybrid

Atomic Force Microscopy in Imaging Biological Systems

Nanopore-based DNA Sequencing
Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

NanoTumor Center - Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and Pain Relief

Nano-composite Hydrogels

Use of Dip Pen Nanolithography at the University of Strathclyde

Future Surgery: Removing Cancer with Aid of Nanotechnology